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ELD Proficiency levels

Bridging - Well-developed

Expanding - Intermediate EL

Emerging - Novice EL

English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC)

English Learner Resources

Weekly Activities

English Language Development

Welcome English Language Learners and Families!

Welcome students and families to Lafayette Elementary School’s English Learners program. My name is Mrs. Neyshloss and I am the English Learners teacher. Our school takes great pride in our students and families that speak over 32 different languages! English Learners will have opportunities to progress in their English language development through speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities.  Students will use their background knowledge, engage in discussions, and integrate academic vocabulary in order to build their English language proficiency. Our goal for every student is to develop their reading, decoding, comprehension, and fluency skills so they are able to access grade level curriculum. We support our students in becoming confident, successful, and curious learners.  

Our small groups engage in reading and writing activities, as well as partner and group conversations. The students will meet new friends and develop a greater sense of community at school. 

I look forward to supporting your child towards their acquisition of English and development as a lifelong learner.

                                                      Patricia Neyshloss

                                                      English Learners Teacher

our weekly schedule

 English Learner students participate in pullout sessions in room 17 for a period of 30 minutes. Our schedule has been carefully planned with your child’s classroom teacher.

How to Help Your Child

  • Speak your native language at home because it will be useful when your child is learning English.

  • Tell your child stories you were told in childhood and read stories in both languages.

  • Encourage your child to read by visiting the library. Independent reading is a fun way to learn new vocabulary.

 Please see educational websites and parent information for supporting English Learners.

English resources

Educational Websites:

Supporting Young English Learners at Home - REL West

Institute of Education Sciences -


1. Questions about Stories

2. Questions about Informational Text

3. Questions about Experiences

4. Wordplay

5. Guess My Object

6. Word Detective

7. Making a Meal Together

8. Interviewing a Special Person

9. Writing Notebooks 

Common Core information about the Common Core State Standards

Reading and Parent Conference tips 

Contact information:

Patricia Neyshloss

English Learners Teacher

Room 17

(925) 927-3570, ext. 7017


Mrs. Neyshloss