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Scott Moe Locker
9/18/12 2:50 PM
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Scott Moe

Room 20 News 8/22/17

Room 20 News


August 22, 2017


Welcome Room 20!  My name is Scott Moe and I will be your child’s teacher for fifth grade.  This is my twenty-second year teaching, my twenty-first year teaching at Lafayette School, and my sixteenth teaching fifth grade. I look forward to being your child’s teacher this year.


I look at teaching as a partnership between the home and school; I can’t do my job without your help.  I welcome communication with you.  My voice mail and e-mail is listed at the bottom of this letter, or you can simply send a note in with your child.  I will be sending home Room 20 News via e-mail, and periodic notices along the way.  In it I outline what we are currently working on in class, what is coming up, and what we have accomplished.  I ask that you take the time to read these newsletters as they come home because they are one of my main communication links to you. I like to send it through e-mail because I find that it keeps the line of communication even closer, as it cuts out the sometimes-unreliable delivery service (the students!).  I will be collecting e-mail addresses at Back to School Night. If you prefer a paper copy, please let me know.


I ask that students have a 3-ring binder to keep their work organized. The binder should have five three-hole-punched folders with pockets. We will be setting up our binders next week as we start nightly homework. I have plain folders and binders for students, but I know many students like to pick out colors and designs of their own. If they don’t come with one next week, I will be glad to supply one. Students may also bring in a desktop pencil box and art supplies if they wish.


I am sending home a questionnaire about your child.  I ask that you take the time to fill this out and return it when you can.


Homework officially begins next week. Students will be given a homework log and will be responsible for writing down their homework every day. All homework assignments (unless otherwise noted) will be due the next day. I do not give homework over the weekend. On the back of the homework log is the Problem of the Week. It is due on Friday. You are welcome to aid your child in this problem, but please let the bulk of the work be theirs (and no Googling the answers!).


Back to School Night Orientation is Thursday, August 31. My presentation is in Room 20 from 5:30-6:30 pm prior to the meeting in the multi-purpose room from 6:30-7:00. (Grades K-2 will meet from 7-8 after the meeting in the multi) I hope to see you all there.  I look forward to a great year.  Thank you!








Scott Moe

(925) 927-3570 x7020