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Classroom Policies

Important Information


Staff Supervision  - Morning supervision is provided from 8:15-8:30 AM.  No after school playground supervision is provided.  We discourage children from being here unsupervised.


Tardiness  - Please make every effort to have your child at school on time.  Attendance is taken within the first 5 minutes of class and the attendance folder is sent to the office.  Late children need to stop at the office to report their attendance before coming to class.


Absences  - Please call the office, 927-3570, at 8:00 AM to report your child’s absence.  Tardies, absences, and ISP days are tallied by the office staff and are included on report cards.  Sick days are considered excused absences, but did you know that the state no longer provides funding for absences, unless they occur as at least 5 consecutive days?  We encourage you to keep your child home in the event of illness, especially if it is communicable.


Trips  - Please notify me in advance if your child will be absent more than five consecutive school days so an ISP (Independent Study Program) can be prepared.  ISP days are considered an excused absence, but cannot be written for less than 5 days.  Please try to schedule trips during school holidays.  A child’s learning is impacted when lessons are missed.  Our school does not receive crucial funding for school days missed.


Early Release  - If you need to pick up your child before 2:30 PM, please send a note in the morning.  The school secretary will inform me when you arrive at the office to sign your child out.


Late Lunches  - School policy is that lunches or other deliveries should be left in the office marked with your child’s name and room number.  The office will inform me that a lunch is waiting for a particular student.


Phone Messages  - Please contact the office if you need to give your child a message during school hours.


Label Belongings  - Please write your child’s name on all belongings, especially lunch boxes, sweatshirts, and jackets.


School Appearance Code  - Students may not wear:  sleeveless shirts with shoulder straps less than 2 inches wide, crop tops which reveal the midriff, halter tops, short shorts, short skirts, short dresses.


Shoes  - Please make sure your child comes to school in sturdy shoes designed for running.  We participate in active PE games everyday.  The shoes in “fashion” are often not designed for safety at school (for example, clogs, slipper dress shoes, rubber rain boots, flip-flops, etc.).


Picture Day  - Class picture date to be announced.