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Ann Kim

Principal Message

I was in a meeting recently and one of my colleagues commented that the month of May seems to have about 90 days of events packed into 31 days…...and it does appear to be true!


As you know, our beloved P.E. teacher and LES mom, “Coach Coco” passed away in August after a long journey with breast cancer. Throughout the year we have been reminded of Coach Coco whenever we play music for the students to dance to at recess, or when our students perform the dance “Whip Nae Nae”….LES style as choreographed by Coach Coco. Our 4th grade teacher, Nancy Beliveau has worked for the past several months to organize our first Lafayette Elementary School Field Day in honor of Coach Coco. We are looking forward to this special day on Friday for all of our 1st-5th grade students. Students will be playing a variety of P.E. games at stations staffed by teachers and our SPOT student leaders. We are giving our parent volunteers the day off as this will be a closed campus event. Please send your child to school wearing sunscreen on Friday…..we are also encouraging students to dress in pink, bright blue or tie dyed shirts…...all favorite colors of Coach Coco’s.


SBAC testing continues in 3rd-5th grades this week with the Math assessments. The students were diligent and worked hard during the Language Arts section last week. Thank you for ensuring that students arrive on time each morning and minimizing appointments during the day while we are testing.


Ann Kim