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Judy Brennan Locker
8/29/13 2:41 PM
9/3/12 5:58 PM

Judy Brennan


During the first trimester in Third Grade, we wonder and discuss how we know about history. How do we know what happened years before we were born? Reading about the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, we learn that archaeologists uncovered the buried towns and we now understand many interesting facts about the way people lived almost two thousand years ago in Italy. Moving forward in time, we focus on the lives of the native Saclans who lived in the Lafayette area for hundreds of years and were part of the larger Miwok tribe. Arrowheads and mortar and pestles are some of the artifacts left here after the Saclans moved away or died of diseases brought by the explorers. In the mid 1800s, pioneers and covered wagons arrived in this area and Rancho Acalanes gradually became the town of Lafayette. We learn about the lives of these early settlers from their letters, diaries, artifacts, photographs and even some buildings that are still being used today. Our LPIE instructors help us learn their stories through the Lafayette  Walking Tour field trip and visiting their grave sites at the Lafayette Cemetery.

In December, each student will choose one ancestor who came to America from his/her homeland and share that ancestor's history with the class.  We'll learn interesting facts about the countries of origin, such as languages, traditions, holidays and typical foods. Though our ancestors may have come from many different parts of the world, it's amazing how much we all have in common. 

Room 14 Schedule

Computer lab                              Thursday 1:45

Library                                        Friday 2:00

PE with instructor                         Wednesday 10:45

Music                                          Tuesday 8:30

Science Lab / Literacy                   Thursday 8:30



The first homework assignment will arrive home on Wednesday, September 13. This assignment is a Biography Poster and the Bio poem will be written in class and glued to the poster. Decorating the poster according to the format will be the assigned task to be completed at home and is due on the following Tuesday morning. Regular homework will be sent home on the following Wednesdays and should be completed and reflect a positive effort. Homework is due on Tuesday mornings. Please do not have your student complete the homework in one sitting. Looking over your child's work for completion and legible printing is appreciated, before you sign the packet cover. The reading log will have directions attached and will remain at home until complete. 


On Tuesday, August 29, typing classes began for the Lafayette Leopards. We will type 4 days per week for about 20 minutes and third graders  are working diligently on correct finger position and memorizing the keyboard. iI’s not easy! The keys have been covered with orange skins so peeking is a bit difficult. If you could reinforce their efforts to learn the keyboard and keep fingers in the home position, your student will benefit greatly. During the year, many of our writing assignments will be typed in the lab so Mrs. Love urges practice at home and there are many programs to choose from. We are using Typing Club and you can select the following link or use a typing program of your choice.