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Room 19's Home Page

Contact Me:

School:  927-3570

Attendance:  927-3578

I prefer email rather than voice mail, but please understand that I may not be able to check email until after school. Please contact the office to give me urgent messages.  

Current Assignments
Current Assignments

Music News

     All 4th graders will have 60 minutes of music classes each week, comprised of two half-hour band, strings, or chorus lessons.  All 4th grade students participate in one of the three programs, selecting band, strings or chorus as their core music class for the rest of elementary school.  In September, students begin attending their chosen core music classes on Tuesdays, from 2:12-2:42pm, and on Thursdays from 10-10:30am. 

     Students who elect to participate in band or strings will bring their instruments to the multipurpose room before school and place them near the stage, under signs showing the appropriate teacher's name.  Students should take their instruments home at the end of the school day. 

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Welcome to Room 19!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  I look forward to getting to know all 19ers and their families.  Fourth grade has a really rich curriculum, since we study all about California's history.  We have a lot of fun while we are learning, so hold on to your hat, the journey is about to begin...

The School Newspaper

Room 19 publishes The Leopard Gazette, a school newspaper written and edited by Lafayette Elementary School students.


Required homework is reading 30 minutes every night and the Reading Response Journal (RRJ) due each week.  Optional homework is the math page given out each day, and the math Problem of the Week (POW).

1) Read 30 minutes every night. (Fiction and non-fiction books or stories are acceptable during this time, but comic books are not.)

2) Reading Response Journal.  Due Thursday each week.   Write a weekly letter to Mrs. Corcoran about what you are currently reading.

     (Students should write their thoughts about characters, connections, predictions, plot, author's style, and more.  Always tell me details from the story that support your thoughts.  Details and a sample letter are pasted inside the Reading Response Journal.)

3) Math Pages:  Students generally have a math journal entry or a math worksheet to do 2-3 nights a week.

4) Math Problem of the Week (POW).  If students and parents request it, the Weekly Math Challenge is provided, and is due each week on Friday.

Curriculum Information

Reading:  We are reading books in Book Clubs to start 2018.  

Writing:  Students are writing for the school newspaper, working on non-fiction writing, and writing short fiction based on personification.

Social Studies:  January is Mission month, and in February, we will study the Rancho period, the Bear Flag Republic, and begin learning about California's statehood.

Math:  Fractions


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Important Dates


January 12 - Character Counts Assembly 10:50

January 15 - MLK Holiday/No School

January 19 - Room 19 Half Year Birthday Party - summer birthdays

January 26 - Sock Hop 5:30-7:30

February 1 - 4th Grade Music Concert 9:30-10:30

February 2 - Pajama Day

February 9 - Room 19 FieldTrip to Old Mission San Jose, in Fremont

February 14 - Valentine's Day Party

February 16-19- Presidents' Day Holidays/No School

February 22 - Science Fair 6pm

March 2 - Green Eggs & Ham Read-a-thon

March 9 - Trimester II Report Cards

March 28 - Room 19 - Gold Rush Day

April 2-6 - Spring Break/No School

April 26 - Walk-a-thon

May - First two weeks - SBAC Testing

May 24 - Open House & Art Fair

May 25 - Room 19 Marsh Field Trip

May 29 - End of Year Music Concert 1:15pm

June 5 - Room 19 End of Year Auction



Mrs. Corcoran
Mrs. Corcoran