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Contact Kristi Gingrich  Kristi Gingrich Teacher

The best way to contact me is by email. Please know that some days I may not be able to check it until after school. If there is something urgent during the day, please contact the school office. Thank you.


Cell: (925) 639-8167

Office: (925) 927-3570

Attendance: (925) 927-3578



At Lafayette Elementary School third through fifth grades participate in TypingClub.  TypingClub is a highly engaging site where kids can learn how to touch-type (using all of one's fingers to type on a keyboard, without looking at the keys). From basic lessons on lowercase letters to using capitals, numbers, and even symbols, almost every aspect of standard keyboarding is covered. The site is safe for younger kids, as there aren't any social features.


To log in at home go to:

Username: firstlast (your child's first and last name, no spaces, all lowercase)

Password: type




Feel free to print extra Reading Logs.


Kristi Gingrich Locker

Kristi Gingrich

Welcome to Room 17

Welcome to THIRD GRADE!  On this website you can find our classroom newsletters, monthly curriculum updates, our events calendar, log in information to online programs and a copy of our Reading Logs.  You can also check us out in action engaging, learning and working together through our online slideshows.  We are an AWESOME Team in Room 17!


Reader's Workshop: In the workshop method each lesson begins with a mini-lesson that has the teacher modeling and teaching a reading strategy. Students then participate in guided practice and work towards independence. Following the mini-lesson, students read a book at their level of their choice or participate in a book club where all members read the same text. Students engage in discussions and record their thinking on post-its and other graphic organizers. Each lesson wraps up with sharing. This allows for discussion across books and sharing of learning. An important part of Reading Workshop is keeping a Reading Log. Students record in school and at home daily. Each month students analyze their Reading Log to notice habits and set goals.  Our Reading Unit of Study throughout the months of August and September are Building a Reading Life.  In class we will read aloud The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate, Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner, Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, and Crow Boy by Taro Yashima.


Writer's Workshop: The structure of the workshop is similar to reading: a mini-lesson, independent writing time, and sharing. Lessons focus on many aspects of writing: brainstorming, developing ideas and details, structure and organization, author's craft, grammar, conventions, and more.  Our Writing Unit of Study throughout the months of August and September are Crafting True Stories.  


Math Workshop: Math instruction follows a similar format. A lesson begins with modeling of a skill or strategy followed by guided practice and independent practice. Students are challenged to explain their thinking using both words, numbers, and pictures. Students participate in number talks, math games, Low Floor High Ceiling problems of the month, and 3-Act Tasks.


Science: Students benefit from hands-on interactive instruction with the classroom teacher and science specialist. They will visit the science lab weekly for experiments and science literacy. The science curriculum is focused on the recently-adopted Next Generation Science Standards.  Students will investigate Biomes and Adaptations during the first semester of Science. 


Social Studies: Students learn social studies content through literature, artifacts, and simulations. Students use technology to research topics and produce projects that demonstrate their learning and understanding. Field trips to local sites provide a context for learning and meaningful experiences for students.  Students will learn about local native people and the history of Lafayette during the first trimester.  

Websites for Math

Current Assignments




August 31

Back to School Night

Sept 25 - Sept 29


(in afternoons)

Oct 11

Lafayette Walking Tour Field Trip

Oct 20

Oakland Zoo School Field Trip

Oct 31

Halloween Parade & Party

Dec 13 

Christmas Carol Field Trip

Dec 15

Winter Holiday Party

Feb 14

Valentine's Party

March 29

Water Day - ‘Field Trip’ at School


Jolts & Volts Lawrence Hall of Science Field Trip

May 18

Open House & Art Fair


Black Diamond Mines Field Trip

June 4

Apple Valley Day & End of Year Party