How to Reach Us

We prefer to be reached via email. When you email us, please be sure to email both Mrs. Andron and Mrs. Lomax and one of us will reply as soon as we are able to do so. Thank you for your patience!


Mrs. Andron:

Mrs. Lomax:

Please call the office when your child is going to miss school.


Office: 927-3570

Attendance: 927-3578


Character Counts!

Character Counts!

Mrs. Andron and Mrs. Lomax



Mrs. Andron and Mrs. Lomax are so excited to welcome you to an exciting year of kindergarten in K-3! We have enjoyed meeting your children these first few weeks, and we know this is going to be a great year. Please refer to our bi-monthy newsletter for classroom information and events happening in kindergarten. Thank you!

Back To School Night

Please join us in K-3 for Bask to School Night on Thursday August 31st! There is a meeting for parents in the Multi from 6:30-7, then please come to K-3 for an informational presentation given by Mrs. Andron and Mrs. Lomax from 7-8pm. Please remember this evening is for parents only. We look forward to seeing you!

Room 2 Calendar


Kindergarten Curriculum Information

Birthdays in Kindergarten



We recognize each child’s special day by:

     Singing Happy Birthday

     Presenting a special birthday card, crown, and sticker from their teachers

     Delivering a special card from Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Kelly.

Note:  Summer birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the school year.

You may bring a wrapped, purchased or used book to donate to our classroom library to honor your child’s birthday.

 A special placket will be placed insindicating the donation for all to see.

You may also bring in a non-food item for each child in the class, such as pencils, stickers, bubbles or another fun "treat."



Parent Volunteers

We typically have parent volunteers start working in late Sept/early Oct. Be sure to fill out our sign-up sheets at Back to School Night if you are interested in being a parent volunteer. We love to have parent volunteers help in our Computer Lab, Library, Science Lab, and occasionally in the classroom for math groups and during our parties throughout the year.