Sue Park

I am thrilled to have the training to integrate Mindfulness into our classroom. Our district was awarded a grant to participate in Mindfulness training for adults last spring. At the end of August, I also attended Mindfulness training for K-5th to bring it to the classroom. Mindfulness will help us gradually direct our attention in a more focused way to whatever is actually happening, whether it be our breathing, the sensations in our body, thoughts and feelings, or everyday activities of walking or eating.

With practice, Mindfulness can help us sustain our attention and direct it more skillfully. This helps us break the grip of unhelpful mental habits, judgements, and impulses making way for greater calm, and more helpful, kinder and rational thinking about all aspects of life. Mindfulness can help us with attentional stability, self regulation, stress reduction, and empathy. This does take practice, and we will be practicing Mindfulness in our classroom daily!

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